Week one.

Monday, June 19, 2017


This little boy is a dream, and our first week with him has been nothing but a delight. We're tired, yes, but just rejoicing for his smooth transition into our family. Happy 1 week, Ellis Lincoln!


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  2. Ah, what a treasure these photos and memories are! It has been so sweet to watch your family grow over these years of following along on your stories. Praying the Lord continues to give you strength for those long nights and days, and much much joy in this season! May you know the depth of the Father's love even more as you love these three precious kids.

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  6. I love seeing your oldest with your youngest here! :) so so so sweet. what great snapshots you snagged. What a huge blessing to see the joy! Thanks. (not really anonymous: Kristin W. here... just being lazy and not signing out of my husband's account!)

  7. So happy to see your little one... and adorable how his big brother takes care of him! God bless your family!

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