Chess King.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

A few weeks ago, we introduced Liam to the game of chess. I heard about No Stress Chess from a friend and had a feeling Liam would take to it, but had no idea that just a week or so later, he'd be a competitive chess player hungry for game after game. 

With No Stress Chess, you start out by using a deck of cards and one side of the board which explains where each piece goes. Each player takes turns drawing a card that tells you which piece to move and how it moves around the board. There's some chance involved, and some strategy. Then, once you've learned the basics, you ditch the cards, flip over the board, and play a real game of chess. It's been the sweetest way to spend one-on-one time with Liam, teaching him critical thinking (the best we know how) and watching his little brain work. (This is not a paid advertisement... this company has no idea who I am. I'm just a happy customer!) 

I know I'm always looking for constructive ways to spend time with my kids, and this one hits the jackpot. It's educational, fun, interactive, and Liam adores it. And from our perspective, we'd rather play 5 games of chess than 5 games of Chutes & Ladders any day. ;)


  1. My son wanted to learn how to play chess, but we didn't know ourselves so we taught ourselves and then taught him when he was 4. It has been GREAT because we are all at the same level. I'm totally with you on the shoots and ladders aspect:) Sam taught his sister when she was 4 too and since his littlest sister hasn't shown interest yet so we're waiting on introducing it to Elsa.

    I love seeing your posts pop in my email by the way! Liam and Lainie remind me a lot of my oldest two when they were young. (My oldest will turn 13 on Friday!)

  2. I love seeing your posts pop in my email by the way!

  3. This chess king post share is so good and informative like shared at site. Good to read about the elm street life over here. Good to see how you spend time with your kids, its creative.

  4. If he puts enough time in, he definitely can become a king of the game. There's a move, the ruy lopez which could benefit him I suppose with opening the play better.


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