Kids DIY: Melted crayon pumpkins.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

I know I'm not the first to share this project and I sure won't be the last... but when you land on an art project that a) requires materials you probably already have and b) is safe enough for even a 2-year-old to do mostly unassisted... well, I couldn't help but share it.

Pumpkin (any shape, size, or color)
Broken crayons
A hair dryer or embossing heat tool
Trash bag (to protect tabletop)
1. Unwrap broken bits of crayons.
2. Glue crayons to top of pumpkins and let dry.
3. Place pumpkins on a trash bag to protect your work surface.
4. Use a hair dryer on the hottest setting or an embossing heat tool like this one to melt the crayons. That's it!

My kiddos loved watching the crayons melt all over the place, and I loved letting them do a project all on their own. Enjoy!


  1. Wonderful!! fun! Thank you your children sure look like there having a blast, and growing up so fast.

  2. Love those kiddos and the project is wonderful!!

  3. So fun!
    Random question. Did you ever post a list of favorite Christmas books for kids or am I thinking of a different blog? Can't seem to find it in your archives

    1. Hmm... I don't think that was me. But a good idea! :)

  4. What a fun idea to try. I like having the kids helped in decorating. Gonna try this idea next Halloween.

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