Liam's 5th Birthday at Oak Island.

Monday, October 30, 2017

For Liam's 5th birthday, we gave him two options: have a birthday party or go to the beach. He chose wisely. 
We're learning a big lesson, even with three kids: despite sleep deprivation and the monumental task of packing a minivan with three tiny helpers, it's always worth it to take the trip. To get out of our comfort zones and away from our to-do lists for a few days to just celebrate what God has given us in these precious three. We danced in the waves, ate pizza overlooking the ocean, tasted ice cream in Southport, played with Legos, and savored crepes for brunch. And hopefully, we etched sweet memories on our people's hearts. 


You're five! This is such a fun age, buddy. You're inquisitive, always asking questions and exploring. You love playing with magnatiles, doing art projects, creating science experiments, and folding paper airplanes. You're protective, always looking out for Lanie and Brooks. Lanie is your wild counterpart and she needs your watchful eye. It's hard to imagine just how much calamity you've already spared her from. You're responsible, careful to follow rules and do your chores when asked. And you're extremely intelligent, reading at a first grade level and doing addition and subtraction in your head. Sometimes Daddy and I scratch our heads because you think so differently than we do. You have an engineer's brain, while ours are much less mathematical. We love that you challenge us, from a heated chess game to a probing theological question. Our lives are so much richer because of you. Thank you for choosing to be with us on your birthday. It's a privilege we don't take for granted that you'd rather be with your family than anyone else. 

Happy birthday, sweet son. I'm proud of who you are and expectant at who you are becoming: strong, brave, a force of light that pushes back darkness in this world. 

I love you!


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  2. Aww~~ The photos are so stunning!! Love the letter :)


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