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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Liam, at age 5, could fill books with his insightful, creative, often deeply meaningful thoughts. I know... I'm not biased at all. ;) We are entering a new season with him that's less constant discipline, more conversation. He's a voracious new reader with an impressive memory and he teaches me something new every day.

The other day, we'd had a difficult afternoon where nothing seemed to be going smoothly. My tone had been sharp, my fuse short, and everything Liam and Lanie did just felt like an affront to my sanity. I'd left the room to take a deep breath, pray, and ready myself to mediate the next battle.

When I came out, I sat Liam down and assured him that even on the difficult days, being a mom is still the very best job in the world. 

Me: Do you understand that, Buddy? I want you to know you are never a burden.

Liam: I think I know what you mean, Mama. You don't want to be a hammerhead shark.

Me: A hammerhead shark? 

Liam: When hammerhead sharks have pups, they leave them right away and they don't protect them. The pups have to swim in different water by themselves and hunt for their own food. So you wouldn't want to be a hammerhead shark. But I knew that already, Mama. 

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  1. One of my favorite posts in a long time . . . what a precious, insightful young man you guys are raising. :)


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