Tuesday, January 30, 2018

When we first stepped into our current house, Shawn and I both knew immediately that we wanted to live here. For Shawn, it was the open white kitchen at the front of the house with ample counter space and new appliances. For me, it was the middle bedroom with its enormous double windows. I pictured Liam (almost 2 at the time) playing with his trucks in his sun-warmed room. I pictured nursing our baby girl, due in a few months, in a cozy chair in the corner. I couldn't have pictured our beautiful third baby, light streaming onto his dimpled cheeks and chunky thighs. 
We went through some sad days before meeting this breathtaking boy. But today, his smile that beams brighter than this light-filled room makes it feel like these windows - this house - were made for this moment. 

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