Lent through the eyes of a 5-year-old.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

A couple days ago, Liam walked out onto the deck while I was working on a Bible study lesson. When he saw the title, he asked me, "What is Lent?" We talked about Lent being a season of longing in anticipation for Easter, a time where we recognize our deep need for a Savior. I tried to explain why some people give things up during the Lenten season. I gave the example that some give up dessert so that when they crave something sweet after a meal, it reminds them that what they truly crave is Jesus.

I asked Liam if he could think of anything that distracts him from Jesus.

"Oh yes," he said confidently. "Playing with my cars, eating cake, thinking about dinosaurs."

I tried to explain that these were good gifts that God wanted us to enjoy, and we can do them all to His glory. Then I asked Liam if he would like to give anything up during Lent to focus on Jesus.

After a long time of thinking, he said confidently. "Bandaids. I want to give up my Lightning McQueen bandaids."

My initial thought was that this was a small sacrifice - that he was choosing bandaids so he didn't have to give up something he truly cared about.

But then he continued: "When I hurt myself and I want a bandaid, I'll remember that Jesus heals my body, but He also heals my heart."

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