2018 Summer Bucket List

Friday, June 22, 2018

It's officially SUMMER, and for us, the last one before Liam starts Kindergarten. Hard to believe!

We decided to make a summer bucket list and have just started crossing a few things off... I thought I'd share in case you want to borrow a few ideas. Since my kids love arts and crafts, we included quite a few crafty ideas with links.

𑛅  Eat snowcones
𑛅  Go to a waterpark
𑛅  Visit the zoo
𑛅  Make fruit fans
𑛅  Have a water balloon fight
𑛅  Play on the slip 'n slide
𑛅  Make giant pinwheels
𑛅  Make a colorful paper spinner
𑛅  Make prints with foam stickers
𑛅  Construct a fire breathing dragon
𑛅  Make a banana split
𑛅  Make sidewalk foam paint
𑛅  Visit a new park
𑛅  Pick blackberries and blueberries
𑛅  Play with marshmallow shooters 
𑛅  Make erupting ice chalk 
𑛅  Create a mason jar aquarium 
𑛅  Make peach jam
𑛅  Do sparklers
𑛅  Paint with squirt guns
𑛅  Make beachy vanilla pudding cups
𑛅  Make tile art with sharpies 
𑛅  Try scrape painting
𑛅  Make bubble wrap jelly fish
𑛅  Make fish in a bag of slime

Happy summer!!
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