Thursday, July 5, 2018

I started this blog in February 2009 with this post, just 6 weeks after we got married.

I've always been good at starting things. I haven't been as good at keeping them going. So to see over 9 years of posts on this little blog... truly 9 years of God's faithfulness... it blesses me. And to see how he's grown our family from a newlywed couple in downtown Chicago to a thriving family of 5 just brings me to tears. While this blog has always been about chronicling our journey (and I hope our grandchildren might read these words someday!), it's also been a joy to share our life with readers. You've graced us with the sweetest comments and prayers for many years now. (Is there anyone besides my mom and mother-in-law that have been reading since 2009 and is still along for the ride? I'm so curious!)

A few weeks ago, we landed on a really sweet opportunity. I'd been entered in an Instagram contest for a chance at free family photos without my knowledge, and before I even realized it, I won! Callie Doty took these amazing photos in sweltering heat in half an hour. She's a true professional, so kind, and did extremely well with the kids. Considering we hadn't had professional photos taken since our wedding (!!!), this was an enormous gift.

Check out Callie's photography website here: Callie Doty Photography
And her sweet blog post about our family here: The N Family

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