Interesting Story Behind the Popularity of Elm Street Springwood

Interesting Story Behind the Popularity of Elm Street Springwood

Interesting Story Behind the Popularity of Elm Street Springwood – Some streets are famous for some interesting things around the street. There can be histories, restaurants, or even certain recreational centers and other else. However, there is something different about Elm Street. When you look for the location, you may not be able to find the Elm Street in the area of Springwood. The Elm Street Springwood does not exist in reality. However, it still got famous especially during the story of Nightmare on Elm Street.

This was a movie in 1984. The movie got famous and many people love it. It was story of serial killer called Freddy Krueger. He was active and haunted the area of Elm Street in Springwood. Thus, the location Elm Street Springwood became popular. Even, story of Freddy Krueger became part of urban legends and his character still often appear in some horror and thriller stories until now. No wonder that the location of Elm Street Springwood gets popular although actually it never exists. Even if it never exists, it is good to know what happened in the Elm Street based on the movie of Nightmare on Elm Street.

Before going to into the details of what happened in Elm Street, it is good to know Freddy Krueger. Freddy was a man adopted by Mr. Underwood. He was an alcoholic. Freddy was sent for adoption because his biological mother gave birth to Freddy because of the accident. His mother was raped by many maniacs and it made her pregnant of Freddy. However, she was not in the condition to nurture Freddy so he was sent for adoption. Although Mr. Underwood adopted him, he was raised with abuses and violence. These made Freddy hate his adoptive father and he decided to kill him. Even, Freddy also killed many kids around his home. He killed by using a razor glove but he got captured by police after the serial killing.

However, the police could not bring him into jail. After that, Freddy returned and he lived in Boiler Room of power plant. He did not live for long because the parents of the kids whom he has killed took revenge. They burnt the boiler room and Freddy died in there. Before his death, he met dream demons who granted him power so he could take revenge on the parents who burn him to death.

Interesting Story Behind the Popularity of Elm Street Springwood

After some years, Freddy Krueger returned and he started his terror in Elm Street. He started from the house of 620 Elm Street. This is the house of Tina Gray. He got terror during his dream. The nightmare was so real that made her afraid. Thus, she invited his friends when his parents went to Vegas. She invited Rod Lane, Nancy Thomson, and also Glen Lantz. Rod Lane was her boyfriend. Tina told her friends about the nightmare of Freddy Krueger and the terror. However, Rod did not believe and made jokes of it instead. At night, Tina and Rod slept together and they had sex. After that, both of them sleep and the terror appeared again. In the end, Tina was killed by Krueger. As for Nancy, Glen, and Rod, they could escape from Freddy Krueger.

Then, the story got continued to 1419 Elm Street. This is the house of Glen. Glen was actually boyfriend of Nancy. In one night, Nancy wanted to tell Glen and prevent him to get killed by the Krueger. She called him but it was Glen’s parent who answered the call. Nancy tried to tell and convince Glen’s parent, but they ignore it. Glen also decided to ignore Nancy and his words when her parents asked Glen to receive the call. In the end, Glen fell asleep without knowing the terror of Freddy Krueger. Thus, he got killed in his dream mercilessly by Krueger and his weapon. Being surprised by the death their son, Glen’s parents called the police to investigate. However, the police failed in the investigation and the murderer could not be captured.

Then, the story moved to 1427 Elm Street. This was the house across Nancy’s house. In the house, John Doe lived alone and he was an amnesiac. During his dream, he also got terror from Freddy Krueger. Then, the terror reached Nancy. She was described as the important character that could fight against Freddy Krueger. She lived in 1428 Elm Street. She lived with her parent. Actually, her mother, Marge was one of the people who got involved in burning Freddy to death in the past. That was why Nancy became the target of Freddy.

However, she did not know the fact. In the end, Marge told Nancy about the tragedy of Freddy Krueger. She even showed the razor glove that becomes his weapon. After knowing the fact, Nancy decided to trap Krueger. She prepared booby traps and tried to bring Freddy to real world. Thus, she slept to meet the killer. After some struggles, she could bring Freddy to real world. Freddy tried to pursue Nancy who enters the house. Freddy did not know about the traps and he fall into them one by one. Yet, these were not enough to stop him. In the end, Nancy burnt Freddy when he was trapped in the basement. She also tried to reduce his power through the dream world.